With years of production experience with multinational entities, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take a high value carbon products project from concept to construction. Through partners and our in house expertise, CARBOVATE can assist on a consultative basis in the following ares;

Commercialization and Implementation

Research and Development

Process Design, Project Management, Plant Operations

Project Financing, Environmental Analysis and Permitting

Carbovate team members are actively involved in Alberta's BBC (Bitumen Beyond Combustion)  project application process, through Alberta Innovates, to develop research projects focused on commercialization of new non fuel based utilization of the oil sands resource. Leveraging industrial relationships and knowledge, the Carobovate team are very focused on bringing Alberta and Ontario closer together through a strategy of new High Value Carbon Materials derived from bitumen.  

                                                             A new market opportunity for Canada.


BBC (bitumen beyond combustion)


Carbovate team members individually have been working with bitumen producers, the Alberta, Ontario, and Federal governments and research institutions since late 2015. The projects leverage the unique properties of bitumen as a raw material to develop high value products like carbon fiber.

The team is active in 2 studies with Alberta Innovates, BBC1 & BBC2, and through their Association with the Bowman Centre for Sustainable Energy are supporting an application for further research in developing a bitumen based raw material for carbon fiber.